Discrimination, Employment & Real Estate Litigation Attorneys

Lieb at Law is a litigation law firm that focuses on supporting victims of discrimination in housing, work, school and other areas of life.

At our core, we are a modern and innovative law firm that leverages technology while remaining decidedly human. We provide cost efficient representation, that is exceedingly organized, through leveraging AI, cloud technology, and a digital work environment. Then, our attorneys extend our abilities far beyond the reach of technology by being keenly aware of the benefits of humanistic soft skills, to elicit pertinent facts for court, and strategically negotiate settlements, conciliations, and other alternative dispute resolutions of matters. While technology can enhance brainstorming and document generation, our attorneys bring reasoning, accuracy, and understanding to round out our value proposition to our clients. The firm represents individuals, groups in class actions, and corporate clients. We litigate and then teach others, at continuing education seminars, to promote equality and a more inclusive culture throughout society.

Beyond discrimination litigation, we also provide representation in commercial disputes, real estate brokerage commission/fiduciary duty/ethics matters, breach of contract cases, title claims, commercial landlord/tenant evictions, mortgage foreclosure actions, plaintiff's personal injury, and all other employment matters, such as wage and hour claims and whistleblower cases.

Whether you're seeking representation in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Colorado, or in federal courts, our dedicated team of lawyers will work tirelessly to support your case and provide strategic legal counsel. Contact us to get in touch with one of our litigation lawyers now.