1. Growth – we are expanding and have tremendous opportunities for you to grow your career
  2. Prestige – our attorneys are quoted in newspapers and interviewed on TV / radio; we provide opportunities to teach continuing education to brokers and attorneys
  3. Fun – we have a ping-pong table, a BBQ committee, and staff that truly like each other
  4. DEI – we don’t just have it internally, but focus our practice on employment and housing discrimination trainings and litigation so that we can help other business bring equity and inclusion into their realms as well
  5. Technology – we leverage cloud-based / cutting-edge case management, task management, document generation, and more
  6. Media – we have a PR team on retainer, host a weekly podcast, have our own studio, and we want you to be a part of that too
  7. Business Differentiator – we own and operate a NYS licensed real estate school with over 10,000 students and countless courses on all fields of real estate law
  8. Support – we own a licensed school so clearly, we know how to teach you; not only can we teach you, but we make learning easy because we operate with open doors in a collaborative environment and your success is our goal
  9. Life Balance – work hours and billing requirements are reasonable and flexible so that you can have a life outside of the office
  10. Respect – you are important, and we will treat you as an equal, not a subordinate

To apply, email cover letter and resume to