Residential Real Estate


Residential Transactions

Buyers, Sellers, Banks and Lenders. Commencing with education about the steps to a transaction, Lieb Attorneys will move the file from offer to closing while providing representation throughout.

Federal Housing Administration Purchase

Are you purchasing with an FHA insured loan? With FHA, you can put down less money to get the house of your dreams, but you need to know the rules. While a lender is the key to an FHA loan, you need an attorney to advise you along the way. Lieb will serve as your counselor and advocate while you purchase your primary residence.

First-Time Homebuyers

We know your excitement and your anxiety and will guide you on this journey. Learn about the different professionals that you will need to accomplish your purchase. Understand the importance of credit, discuss getting a mortgage and decipher your home inspection report. The key is to know what to expect in advance.

Sales Agreements

It is imperative to lock-in the buyer. The Lieb team advocates for your best interest and teaches what to expect and how to have the proper exit strategy to avoid costly litigation down the road.


Lieb has a history of serving as lender’s counsel in achieving full compliance. Organization, efficiency and protection are imperative when comparing a GFE with a HUD-1 while having the note and mortgage executed. The Lieb team facilitates your continual control until the commitment conditions are satisfied and the deal is funded.

Condominiums (Condos)

A condominium unit is not just the purchase / sale of property between two (2) parties. Know the other players as well, such as the Board / Homeowners’ Association and the Sponsor (developer). Lieb will guide you amongst different parties and review the Declaration / By-Laws to educate you on their respective rights. Lieb Attorneys will educate you on documents such as the House Rules and the Tenancy-in-Common Agreement to help your transaction come to fruition and for you to understand the nature of your transaction.

Co-operatives (Co-ops)

Like a Condo, a Co-operative requires special care and understanding. Yet, in a co-operative purchase, the buyer acquires an existing ownership via a share certificate in a corporation and receives a proprietary lease. Lieb Attorneys will assess whether the corporation has a land lease or owns the land outright. Lieb Attorneys will educate you on the factors that will impact your deal such as the Recognition Agreement, By-Laws and Profit / Loss Statements.

Short Sales

When you are upside-down on your mortgage there are options. Lieb Attorneys will negotiate with the banks with the purpose of avoiding a deficiency judgment which could protect part of your credit score from the damage of a full foreclosure.