Business / Entrepreneurship

Business Service

Lieb at Law, P.C. represents entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses and large corporations throughout New York State in a variety of industries. Our clients include real estate brokerage, mortgage lenders, insurance, hospitality, technology and software, medical and professional services. The firm offers many different degrees of representation ranging from individual assignments and transactions to outside litigation and general legal counsel.

Business Purchases

Lieb Attorneys orchestrates your team of professionals in performing due diligence to ascertain current risk exposure, advise on alternative purchase structuring options, and negotiate to minimize carry-through risk while maximizing earnings opportunities.

Business Sales

Lieb Attorneys identify both tangible and intangible property and collaborate with your accounting and brokerage teams to maximize return from all asset classes while closing the deal.


The firm recognizes the need to litigate in order to enforce your contractual rights and will obtain judgments and guide you through post-judgment collections to get paid.

Contracts and Negotiation

The Lieb team translates legal terms of art into discernible English while advising on transactional strategy tailored to the target subject of the contract. The firm utilizes a patient and steadfast approach to achieve our client’s stated goals while being mindful to hear the other side’s perspective to get a deal done.

Intellectual Property

Lieb Attorneys believe that a business’ competitive advantage stems from the legal barriers it can place in front of its competition. Through both State and Federal Trademarks and Copyrights the firm will facilitate registration and thereafter enforce against infringement.


The Lieb at Law team utilizes the latest technologies to perform legal research and organize factual evidence for discovery and trial. The Attorneys of the firm collaborate to creatively break down barriers to achieve the clients’ objective through out-of-the-box legal strategies.