About Us

Lieb at Law’s mission is to serve as an indispensable strategic advisor to our clients, help minimize risk, maximize profitability and aggressively litigate with leading solutions. The firm’s transactional team ensures that contractual language is driven by qualitative data from the litigation field. Lieb’s work product is a derivative of embracing education and technology.

Beyond utilizing multiple legal research platforms to enable immediate access to the most recent case law and publications, the firm’s systems include cloud-based file and time management software with additional proprietary programs. As a result, Lieb Attorneys have instantaneous access to client records anywhere, even on their smart phones in court. Lieb’s culture extends to the Long Island Education Board™.

The Long Island Education Board™ (LIEB)

LIEB is a real estate think tank and empirical research center that impacts the varying professions engaged in real estate across New York State. Lieb Attorneys are charged with learning from, teaching to, and bridging the gap between the people and businesses that develop our communities. LIEB ensures license law compliance at its sister organization, Lieb School. Lieb School offers accredited continuing education courses to licensed NY Real Estate Sales Agents, Brokers and Attorneys. LIEB believes understanding is the key to an enhanced tomorrow.